The K-Evolution Association (“K” stands for Knowledge), was created in May 2013, establishing itself as a non-profit association.

It has as the main goal of its activity the promotion of sustainability, citizenship and entrepreneurship through education amongst the children, the youth, executives, professors and parents in Portugal.

Taking into consideration the context that Portugal has been subjected to, namely the three International Monetary Fund interventions in the last 36 years it became self-evident that education is the only means possible to promote a development that benefits us all. We live in a world where environmental aspects have an impact on people’s lives, even though the majority of western consumers do not care for instance about child labour that takes place when manufacturing the goods that they consume daily, nor with the residues generated and its health repercussions. We live in a world where business is conducted among companies and banks, regardless of the humanitarian or environmental consequences that may result from those deals.

However there is promising news and The K-Evolution Association wants to be a part of that positive breath of fresh air. In reality, we have never had so many people and organizations demanding better social and environmental conditions. Never before did we have so many official documents recognizing the importance of creating a new economy that provides happiness to the individuals. Never before were there so many university rankings around the various issues of sustainability. Finally, there isn’t a shred of doubt that we are indeed witnessing a phase shift of the ecosystem and it is already possible to identify some new species that are fighting for their places.

Our conceptual model stands upon the assumption that by promoting education through sustainability, entrepreneurship and citizenship, we will be able to promote civic participation, sustainable businesses and generate principled leaders.
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