To empower a new generation of leaders in Portugal with the appropriate interdisciplinary knowledge and skills on the issues of sustainability, citizenship and entrepreneurship. This will be done through the promotion of humanistic, intercultural, creative and practical knowledge amongst the youth, the executives and the general population, in order to develop a new vision on the role of the individual in regards to promoting sustainable development and citizenship. For this reason, the Association creates and shares the knowledge among the children, the youth, executives, teachers, parents, opinion leaders and participates in the creation of public policies and implements real case studies.


The K-Evolution Association aims to become an active voice in Portugal on the subjects of sustainability, citizenship and entrepreneurship, in order to boost the construction of an innovative, inclusive, fair and dynamic society that is capable of promoting the sustainable development of Portugal.


To promote the principles of Mutual Respect, Creativity, Inter-Aid, Citizenship and Ethics

Principles of Action
Efficiency, Organization and Leadership